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Achieve Fully Decentralized End to End encryption meeting via Blockchain

Yang Tan

Abstract: Zoom Meeting is an enterprise online video conferencing solution with real-time messaging and content sharing. However, they are lack of privacy protection since centralized Zoom servers are capable of monitoring userís messages. Thereby, to solve the privacy problem, in May 2020, Zoom acquired Keybase so that Keybaseís team can help it to build end-to-end encryption meeting while remain Zoomís current scalability and high-performance. Nonetheless, according to the latest released Zoomís whitepaper, even with the new design of E2E(end to end) encryption meeting, the security threats canít be erased completely since the new design is not fully decentralized. In this paper, we introduce a fully decentralized design of E2E encryption meeting via blockchain technology. With this new design, Zoomís E2E meeting privacy can be further improved.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Blockchain, Zoom, End-to-end encryption meeting, Decentralization

Date: received 16 Dec 2020

Contact author: a7853z at qq com

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