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A Novel Asymmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme with Granting search capability

Arian Arabnouri and Reza Ebrahimi Atani and Shiva Azizzadeh

Abstract: Nowadays, information is known as the main asset of each organization, which causes data generation to be exponentially increasing. Hence, different capacity issues and requirements show up with it, e.g. storage and maintenance of generating data, searching among them, and analyzing them. Cloud computing is one of the common technologies used to meet these requirements. Popularity of this technology is extremely growing as it can be used to handle high amount of data in a cost efficient and highly available (anytime and anywhere) manner. However, there are still extensive security challenges (e.g. data confidentiality) with this technology. Cryptography is one of the main methods used to fulfill privacy preserving of people and organizations. Encryption methods can impressively keep data private, so it is not possible to search among encrypted messages in order to retrieve information, after applying traditional encryption. Searchable encryption can enable searching among encrypted data and overcome this shortage. However, much more research is required to enable whole data searching while proper level of security would be achieved for these systems. In this paper, a technique to perform searching by the third party is introduced. When a number of nodes are interacting and some of them may upload malicious documents, this technique can be useful. Furthermore, document categorization is another application of the referred scheme.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / searchable encryption

Original Publication (with major differences): The International Conference on Contemporary Issues In Data Science March 5-8, 2019 / ZANJAN, IRAN

Date: received 11 Dec 2020

Contact author: reza ebrahimi atani at gmail com

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