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Low Latency Privacy-preserving Outsourcing of Deep Neural Network Inference

Yifan Tian and Laurent Njilla and Jiawei Yuan and Shucheng Yu

Abstract: Efficiently supporting inference tasks of deep neural network (DNN) on the resource-constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been an outstanding challenge for emerging smart systems. To mitigate the burden on IoT devices, one prevalent solution is to outsource DNN inference tasks to the public cloud. However, this type of ``cloud-backed" solutions can cause privacy breach since the outsourced data may contain sensitive information. For privacy protection, the research community has resorted to advanced cryptographic primitives to support DNN inference over encrypted data. Nevertheless, these attempts are limited by the real-time performance due to the heavy IoT computational overhead brought by cryptographic primitives.

In this paper, we proposed an edge-computing-assisted framework to boost the efficiency of DNN inference tasks on IoT devices, which also protects the privacy of IoT data to be outsourced. In our framework, the most time-consuming DNN layers are outsourced to edge computing devices. The IoT device only processes compute-efficient layers and fast encryption/decryption. Thorough security analysis and numerical analysis are carried out to show the security and efficiency of the proposed framework. Our analysis results indicate a 99%+ outsourcing rate of DNN operations for IoT devices. Experiments on AlexNet show that our scheme can speed up DNN inference for 40.6X with a 96.2% energy saving for IoT devices.

Category / Keywords: Deep Neural Network Inference, Privacy-preserving Outsourcing, Internet of Things, Edge Computing

Date: received 11 Feb 2020, last revised 18 Mar 2020

Contact author: jyuan at umassd edu

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