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NTT Multiplication for NTT-unfriendly Rings

Chi-Ming Marvin Chung and Vincent Hwang and Matthias J. Kannwischer and Gregor Seiler and Cheng-Jhih Shih and Bo-Yin Yang

Abstract: In this paper, we show how multiplication for polynomial rings used in the NIST PQC finalists Saber and NTRU can be efficiently implemented using the Number-theoretic transform (NTT). We obtain superior performance compared to the previous state of the art implementations using Toom–Cook multiplication on both NIST’s primary software optimization targets AVX2 and Cortex-M4. Interestingly, these two platforms require different approaches: On the Cortex-M4, we use 32-bit NTT-based polynomial multiplication, while on Intel we use two 16-bit NTT-based polynomial multiplications and combine the products using the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT). For Saber, the performance gain is particularly pronounced. On Cortex-M4, the Saber NTT-based matrix-vector multiplication is 61% faster than the Toom-Cook multiplication resulting in 22% fewer cycles for Saber encapsulation. For NTRU, the speed-up is less impressive, but still NTT-based multiplication performs better than Toom–Cook for all parameter sets on Cortex-M4. The NTT-based polynomial multiplication for NTRU-HRSS is 10% faster than Toom–Cook which results in a 6% cost reduction for encapsulation. On AVX2, we obtain speed-ups for three out of four NTRU parameter sets. As a further illustration, we also include code for AVX2 and Cortex-M4 for the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research competition award winner LAC (also a NIST round 2 candidate) which outperforms existing code.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Polynomial Multiplication, NTT Multiplication, Saber, NTRU, CortexM4, AVX2

Original Publication (in the same form): IACR-CHES-2021

Date: received 9 Nov 2020, last revised 13 Jan 2021

Contact author: marvin852316497 at gmail com,vincentvbh7@gmail com,cs861324@gmail com,by@crypto tw,matthias@kannwischer eu,gseiler@inf ethz ch

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