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VCKSCF: Efficient Verifiable Conjunctive Keyword Search Based on Cuckoo Filter for Cloud Storage

Chan Fan and Xiaolei Dong and Zhenfu Cao and Jiachen Shen

Abstract: Searchable Symmetric Encryption(SSE) remains to be one of the hot topics in the field of cloud storage technology. However, malicious servers may return incorrect search results intentionally, which will bring significant security risks to users. Therefore, verifiable searchable encryption emerged. In the meantime, single-keyword query limits the applications of searchable encryption. Accordingly, more expressive searchable encryption schemes are desirable. In this paper, we propose a verifiable conjunctive keyword search scheme based on Cuckoo filter (VCKSCF), which significantly reduces verification and storage overhead. Security analysis indicates that the proposed scheme achieves security in the face of indistinguishability under chosen keyword attack and the unforgeability of proofs and search tokens. Meanwhile, the experimental evaluation demonstrates that it achieves preferable performance in real-world settings.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Conjunctive keyword, Searchable Symmetric Encryption, Cuckoo filter, Verifiable.

Original Publication (with minor differences): The 19th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (IEEE TrustCom 2020)

Date: received 1 Nov 2020

Contact author: 51184501009 at stu ecnu edu cn

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