Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/1299

Unbounded Key-Policy Attribute-based Encryption with Black-Box Traceability

Yunxiu Ye and Zhenfu Cao and Jiachen Shen

Abstract: Attribute-based encryption received widespread attention as soon as it was proposed. However, due to its specific characteristics, some restrictions on attribute set in attribute-based encryption are not flexible enough in actual operation. In addition, since access authorities are determined according to users' attributes, users sharing the same attributes are difficult to be distinguished. Once a malicious user makes illicit gains by their decryption authorities, it is difficult to track down specific users. This paper follows practical demands to propose a more flexible key-policy attribute-based encryption scheme with black-box traceability. The scheme has a constant size of public parameters which can be utilized to construct attribute-related parameters flexibly, and the method of traitor tracing in broadcast encryption is introduced to achieve effective malicious user tracing. In addition, the security and feasibility can be proved by the security proofs and performance evaluation in this paper.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Attribute-based encryption, Key-policy, Traceability, Unbounded

Original Publication (with minor differences): IEEE TrustCom/IWCSS 2020

Date: received 16 Oct 2020

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