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Compact Authenticated Key Exchange in the Quantum Random Oracle Model

Haiyang Xue and Man Ho Au and Rupeng Yang and Bei Liang and Haodong Jiang

Abstract: We propose a generic construction of two-message authenticated key exchange (AKE) in the quantum random oracle model (QROM). It can be seen as a QROM-secure version of X3LH-AKE [Xue et al. ASIACRYPT 2018], a generic AKE based on double-key PKE. We prove that, with some modification, the security of X3LH-AKE in QROM can be reduced to the one-way security of double-key PKE. In addition to answering several open problems on the QROM security of prior works, such as SIAKE [Xu et al. ASIACRYPT 2019], FSXY-AKE and 2Kyber-AKE, we propose a new construction, CSIAKE, based on commutative supersingular isogenies.

Our frame enjoys the following desirable features. First of all, it supports PKEs with non-perfect correctness. Secondly, the security reduction is relatively tight. In addition, the basic building block is weak and compact. Finally, the resulting AKE achieves the security in CK$^+$ model as strong as in X3LH-AKE, and the transformation overhead is low.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Authenticated Key Exchange, Quantum Random Oracle Model

Date: received 13 Oct 2020, last revised 12 Dec 2020

Contact author: haiyangxc at gmail com

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Note: Correct the definition of Corrupt in the security model.

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