Paper 2020/1124

Optimized Voronoi-based algorithms for parallel shortest vector computations

Artur Mariano, Filipe Cabeleira, Gabriel Falcao, and Luís Paulo Santos


This paper addresses V ̈oronoi cell-based algorithms, specifically the ”Relevant Vectors” algorithm, used to solve the Shortest Vector Problem, a fundamental challenge in lattice-based cryptanalysis. Several optimizations are proposed to reduce the execution time of the original algorithm. It is also shown that the algorithm is highly suited for parallel execution on both CPUs and GPUs. The proposed optimizations are based on pruning, i.e., avoiding computations that will not, with high probability, improve the solution. The pruning criteria is related to the target vectors norm relative to the current best solution vector norm. When pruning is performed without pre-processing, speedups up to 69× are observed compared to the original algorithm. If a pre-process sorting step is performed, which requires storing the norm ordered target vectors and therefore significantly more memory, this speedup increases to 77×. On the parallel processing side, the multi-core version of the optimized algorithm exhibits linear scalability on a CPU with up to 28 threads and keeps scaling, albeit at a lower rate, with Simultaneous Multi-Threading with up to 56 threads. The lack of support for efficient global synchronization among threads in GPUs does not allow for a scalable implementation of the pruning optimization using these devices. Nevertheless, a parallel GPU version of the non optimized algorithm is demonstrated to be competitive with the parallel non optimized CPU version, although the latter outperforms the former when using 56 threads. It is argued that the GPU version would outperform the CPU for higher lattice dimensions, although this statement cannot be experimentally verified due to the limited memory available on current GPU boards.

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