Paper 2020/081

Efficient polynomial commitment schemes for multiple points and polynomials

Dan Boneh, Justin Drake, Ben Fisch, and Ariel Gabizon


We present an enhanced version of the Kate, Zaverucha and Goldberg polynomial commitment scheme [KZG, ASIACRYPT 2010] where a single group element can be an opening proof for multiple polynomials each evaluated at a different arbitrary subset of points. As a sample application we ``plug in'' this scheme into the PLONK proving system[GWC, 2019] to obtain improved proof size and prover run time at the expense of additional verifier ${\mathbb{G}}_2$ operations and pairings, and additional ${\mathbb{G}}_2$ SRS elements. We also present a second scheme where the proof consists of two group elements and the verifier complexity is better than previously known batched verification methods for [KZG].

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