Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/957

TaaS: Commodity MPC via Triples-as-a-Service

Nigel P. Smart and Titouan Tanguy

Abstract: We propose a mechanism for an m-party dishonest majority Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocol to obtain the required pre-processing data (called Beaver Triples), from a subset of a set of cloud service providers; providing a form of TaaS (Triples-as-a-Service). The service providers used by the MPC computing parties can be selected dynamically at the point of the MPC computation being run, and the interaction between the MPC parties and the TaaS parties is via a single round of ommunication, logged on a public ledger. The TaaS is itself instantiated as an MPC protocol which produces the triples for a different access structure. Thus our protocol also acts as a translation mechanism between the secret sharing used by one MPC protocol and the other.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Original Publication (with minor differences): CCSW 2019

Date: received 22 Aug 2019

Contact author: nigel smart at kuleuven be,titouan tanguy@kuleuven be

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