Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/875

Quantum Alice and Silent Bob: Qubit-based Quantum Key Recycling with almost no classical communication

Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric

Abstract: We introduce a Quantum Key Recycling (QKR) protocol that needs no classical communication from Alice to Bob. Alice sends only a cipherstate, which consists of qubits that are individually measured by Bob. Bob merely has to respond with an authenticated one-bit accept/reject classical message. Compared to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), QKR has reduced round complexity. Compared to other qubit-wise QKR protocols, our scheme has far less classical communication. We provide a security proof in the universal composability framework and find that the communication rate is asymptotically the same as for QKD with one-way postprocessing.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / quantum cryptography, quantum key recycling

Date: received 30 Jul 2019, last revised 25 Sep 2019

Contact author: b skoric at tue nl

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