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Attribute-Based Encryption with Dynamic Keyword Search in Fog Computing

Fei Meng and Mingqiang Wang

Abstract: Fog computing, as an extension of cloud computing, enables end user with limited resources to outsource computational and storage overheads to fog nodes. Attribute-based encryption with keyword search (ABKS) achieves both fine-grained access control and keyword search. However, the search algorithm in the previous ABKS scheme requires that each keyword between the target keyword set and the ciphertext keyword set be the same, otherwise the algorithm doesn't output any search result, which is not conducive to use. In this paper, we provide a new system in fog computing, the ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption with dynamic keyword search (ABDKS). In ABDKS, the search algorithm requires only one keyword to be identical between the two keyword sets and outputs the corresponding correlation.

Considering the efficiency issue, we propose an improved version of ABDKS called ABDKS-E. In ABDKS-E, all users' attribute secret keys are randomized and stored in the cloud rather than locally, and if someone needs to update attributes, any others don't need to update theirs' together. Moreover, we propose a heuristic concept called reverse outsourcing, i.e., the cloud is allowed to outsource computing tasks to idle users reversely. With the help of reverse outsourcing, the computational overheads of cloud in ABDKS-E can be further reduced.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Fog computing; Outsourcing; Access control; Attribute-based encryption; Keyword search

Date: received 30 Jul 2019, last revised 5 Nov 2019

Contact author: mengfei_sdu at 163 com

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