Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/850

Cryptanalysis of an Ultra lightweight Authentication Scheme based on Permutation Matrix Encryption for Internet of Vehicles

Morteza Adeli and Nasour Bagheri

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) has various applications such as healthcare, supply chain, agriculture, etc. Using the Internet of Vehicles(IoV) to control traffic of the cities is one of the IoT applications to construct smart cities. Recently Fan et al. proposed an authentication protocol to provide security of the IoV networks. They claimed that their scheme is secure and can resist against various known attacks. In this paper, we analyze more deeply the proposed scheme and show that their scheme is vulnerable against disclosure and desynchronization attacks. In disclosure attack, we disclose unique identification of the tag $ID$, secret key $S$, encryption matrix $M_2$ and half rows of encryption matrix $M_1$. Furthermore, we proposed an improved authentication scheme based on Maximum Distance Separable(MDS) matrices that is resistance against various attacks while maintaining low computational cost.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / IoV; security analysis; matrix encryption; MDS matrix

Date: received 22 Jul 2019

Contact author: na bagheri at gmail com

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