Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/831

Privacy of Stateful RFID Systems with Constant Tag Identifiers

Cristian Hristea and Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea

Abstract: There is a major interest in designing RFID schemes based on symmetric-key cryptography and ensuring efficient tag identification. These requirements taken together often lead to a decrease in the degree of privacy provided by the scheme. This issue, as we know, has been treated in an ad-hoc manner so far.

In this paper, we introduce the class of stateful RFID schemes with constant tag identifiers, that ensure tag identification in no more than logarithmic time. In order to study their privacy, we propose an appropriate general model obtained by constraining Vaudenay's model. We then propose two symmetric-key cryptography based RFID schemes in this class that achieve weak and destructive privacy, respectively, in addition to mutual authentication. We also discuss on the degree of privacy provided by other schemes proposed in the literature, that fall in this class.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / RFID scheme, security, privacy

Date: received 17 Jul 2019

Contact author: fltiplea at gmail com, cristi hristea at gmail com

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