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A Chosen Random Value Attack on WPA3 SAE authentication protocol

Sheng Sun

Abstract: SAE (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals), is a password authenticated key exchange protocol, which is designed to replace the WPA2-PSK based authentication. The SAE Authentication Protocol supports the peer to peer (P2P) authentication, and is a major authentication mechanism of the Authentication and Key Management Suite (AKM). The SAE key exchange protocol and its variants, i.e, the Dragonfly key exchange protocol, have previously received some cryptanalysis, in which the authors pointed out Dragonfly protocol is vulnerable to the sub-group attack. This paper investigates some further vulnerabilities using impersonation attacks and suggests some protocol amendments for protection. It is recommended that SAE implementations should be upgraded to ensure protection against these attacks.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / SAE, WPA3, Dragonfly key exchange

Date: received 10 Jul 2019

Contact author: robsun2005 at gmail com

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