Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/798

A Generic Construction for Revocable Identity-Based Encryption with Subset Difference Methods

Kwangsu Lee

Abstract: To deal with dynamically changing user's credentials in identity-based encryption (IBE), providing an efficient key revocation method is a very important issue. Recently, Ma and Lin proposed a generic method of designing a revocable IBE (RIBE) scheme that uses the complete subtree (CS) method by combining IBE and hierarchical IBE (HIBE) schemes. In this paper, we propose a new generic method for designing an RIBE scheme that uses the subset difference (SD) method instead of using the CS method. In order to use the SD method, we generically design an RIBE scheme by combining two-level HIBE and single revocation encryption (SRE) schemes. If the underlying HIBE and SRE schemes are adaptively (or selectively) secure, then our RIBE scheme is also adaptively (or selectively) secure. In addition, we show that the layered SD (LSD) method can be applied to our RIBE scheme and a chosen-ciphertext secure RIBE scheme also can be designed generically.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Revocable identity-based encryption, Subset difference method, Generic construction

Date: received 9 Jul 2019, last revised 10 Feb 2021

Contact author: kwangsu at sejong ac kr

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Note: The scheme of our previous paper is insecure since there is an attack, so we updated our scheme to fix the problem in this revised paper.

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