Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/787

Optimized implementation of the NIST PQC submission ROLLO on microcontroller

Jérôme Lablanche and Lina Mortajine and Othman Benchaalal and Pierre-Louis Cayrel and Nadia El Mrabet

Abstract: We present in this paper an efficient implementation of the code-based cryptosystem ROLLO, a candidate to the NIST PQC project, on a device available on the market. This implementation benefits of the existing hardware by using a crypto co-processor contained in an already deployed microcontroller to speed-up operations in $\mathbb{F}_{2^m}$. Optimizations are then made on operations in $\mathbb{F}_{2^m}^n$. Finally, the cryptosystem outperforms the public key exchange protocol ECDH for a security level of 192 bits showing then the possibility of the integration of this new cryptosystem in current chips. According to our implementation, the ROLLO-I-128 submission takes 173,6 ms for key generation, 12 ms for encapsulation and 79.4 ms for decapsulation on a microcontroller featuring $\text{ARM}^{\text{\textregistered}}$ $\text{SecurCore}^{\text{\textregistered}}$ SC300\texttrademark core running at 50 MHz.

Category / Keywords: implementation / post-quantum cryptography, optimization, embedded system, ROLLO

Date: received 5 Jul 2019, last revised 15 Jul 2019

Contact author: lmortajine at wisekey com

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Note: - Grammar and syntax correction - Modification of tables in the last section

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