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Towards a Hybrid Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): A Review

Priyadarshi Singh and Abdul Basit and N Chaitanya Kumar and V. Ch. Venkaiah

Abstract: Traditional Certificate-based public key infrastructure (PKI) suffers from the problem of certificate overhead like its storage, verification, revocation etc. To overcome these problems, the idea of certificate less identity-based public key cryptography (ID-PKC) was proposed by Shamir. This is suitable for closed trusted group only. Also, this concept has some inherent problems like key escrow problem, secure key channel problem, identity management overhead etc. Later on, there had been several works which tried to combine both the cryptographic techniques such that the resulting hybrid PKI framework is built upon the best features of both the cryptographic techniques. It had been shown that this approach solves many problems associated with an individual cryptosystem. In this paper, we have reviewed and compared such hybrid schemes which tried to combine both the certificate based PKC and ID-based PKC. Also, the summary of the comparison, based on various features, is presented in a table.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Certificate-based PKI; Identity-based public key cryptography (ID-PKC); Hybrid PKI

Date: received 4 Jul 2019

Contact author: abdulmcajh at gmail com, priyadarshi 024 at gmail com, venkaiah at hotmail com

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