Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/709

Secure Computation for Cloud data Storage

Davood Rezaeipour

Abstract: One of the main goals of securing data transmission is focused on the security of cloud data storage. In this paper, we describe several cryptographic techniques which can be used to address the relevant threats and security goals for analyzing cloud computing security. Private semi-trusted clouds, allow researchers to design private clouds by using cryptographic techniques, to protect the semi-trusted ones. Finally, we elaborate on semi-trusted clouds which are related to real-world deployments of cloud resources, and how optimizing cryptographic protocols, would indeed lead to the usage of this certain cloud and therefore practical ways of securing this type of data.

Category / Keywords: applications / Multi-party computation, semi-trusted cloud, data security, secure computation

Date: received 15 Jun 2019, last revised 4 Oct 2019

Contact author: drezaeipour at mehr sharif ir

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