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Decentralized Multi-authority Anonymous Authentication for Global Identities with Non-interactive Proofs

Hiroaki Anada

Abstract: We propose a decentralized multi-authority anonymous authentication scheme in which a prover and a verifier are non-interactive. We give two security definitions; resistance against collusion attacks that cause misauthentication, and anonymity for privacy protection. Then we give a construction under a principle of ``commit-to-ID''. We employ two building blocks; the structure-preserving signature scheme and the Groth-Sahai non-interactive proof system, the both of which are based on bilinear groups. We give security proofs in the standard model, which reduce to the security of the building blocks.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / anonymous authentication, attribute, collusion attack, identity, non-interactive

Original Publication (with minor differences): Proceedings of "IEEE BITS 2019" (co-held with "SMARTCOMP 2019")

Date: received 12 Jun 2019

Contact author: anada at sun ac jp

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