Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/673

A New Approach to Constructing Digital Signature Schemes (Extended Paper)

Ahto Buldas and Denis Firsov and Risto Laanoja and Henri Lakk and Ahto Truu

Abstract: A new hash-based, server-supported digital signature scheme was proposed recently. We decompose the concept into forward-resistant tags and a generic cryptographic time-stamping service. Based on the decomposition, we propose more tag constructions which allow efficient digital signature schemes with interesting properties to be built. In particular, the new schemes are more suitable for use in personal signing devices, such as smart cards, which are used infrequently. We define the forward-resistant tags formally and prove that (1) the discussed constructs are indeed tags and (2) combining such tags with time-stamping services gives us signature schemes.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / digital signatures, hash functions, public-key cryptography

Original Publication (with major differences): IWSEC 2019

Date: received 6 Jun 2019, last revised 29 Aug 2019

Contact author: ahto truu at guardtime com

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Note: Reference IWSEC, fix typos.

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