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PPAD-Hardness via Iterated Squaring Modulo a Composite

Arka Rai Choudhuri and Pavel Hubacek and Chethan Kamath and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Alon Rosen and Guy N. Rothblum

Abstract: We show that, relative to a random oracle, solving the END-OF-LINE problem (which is PPAD-complete) is no easier than computing the function \[f(N,x,T) = x^{2^T} \text{mod } N,\] where $N$ is an $n$-bit RSA modulus, $x\in \mathbb{Z}_N^*$ and $T\in\mathbb{N}$. It was conjectured by Rivest, Shamir and Wagner, that, unless the factorization of $N$ is known, the fastest algorithm for computing $f$ consists of $\Omega(T)$ iterated squaring operations mod $N$. Under a milder assumption, namely that computing $f$ takes $n^{\omega(1)}$ time for some (possibly exponentially) large $T$, our construction of END-OF-LINE cannot be solved in $\text{poly}(n)$ time.

We prove our result by reducing $f$ to (a variant of) the SINK-OF-VERIFIABLE-LINE problem, which is known to imply PPAD (and in fact CLS) hardness. The main building block of our reduction is a recently discovered interactive public-coin proof by Pietrzak for certifying $y=f(N,x,T)$, which can be made non-interactive using (an analogue of) the Fiat-Shamir heuristic. The value $y$ can be computed together with the proof in time $\text{poly}(n)\cdot T$, and the proof can be verified in time $\text{poly}(n) \cdot \text{log} T$. The key technical challenge in our setting is to provide a means by which the solution $y$ together with a proof can be computed in small incremental steps, while the correctness of each intermediate state of this computation can still be verified in time $\text{poly}(n, \text{log} T)$

Category / Keywords: foundations / TFNP, PPAD, Nash Equilibrium, Fiat-Shamir transformation

Date: received 5 Jun 2019, last revised 5 Jun 2019

Contact author: achoud at cs jhu edu, hubacek at iuuk mff cuni cz, ckamath at ist ac at, pietrzak at ist ac at, alon rosen at idc ac il, rothblum at alum mit edu

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