Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/654

Compact linkable ring signatures and applications

Brandon Goodell and Sarang Noether and RandomRun

Abstract: We describe an efficient linkable ring signature scheme, compact linkable spontaneous anonymous group (CLSAG) signatures, for use in confidential transactions. Compared to the existing signature scheme used in Monero, CLSAG signatures are both smaller and more efficient to generate and verify for ring sizes of interest. We generalize the construction and show how it can be used to produce signatures with coins of different type in the same transaction.

Category / Keywords: applications / ring signatures, digital signatures

Date: received 3 Jun 2019, last revised 26 Jul 2019

Contact author: surae at getmonero org,sarang@getmonero org

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Version: 20190726:192129 (All versions of this report)

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