Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/649

Txilm: Lossy Block Compression with Salted Short Hashing

Donghui Ding and Xin Jiang and Jiaping Wang and Hao Wang and Xiaobing Zhang and Yi Sun

Abstract: Current blockchains are restricted by the low throughput. Aimed at this problem, we propose Txilm, a protocol that compresses the size of transaction presentation in each block and thus saves the bandwidth of the blockchain network. In this protocol, a block carries short hashes of TXIDs instead of complete transactions. Combined with the transaction list sorted by TXIDs, Txilm realizes 80 times of data size reduction compared with the original blockchains. We also evaluate the probability of hash collisions, and provide methods of resolving such collisions. Finally, we design strategies to protect against possible attacks on Txilm.

Category / Keywords: applications / Blockchain, Bitcoin, Hash Algorithm, Transaction Size

Date: received 3 Jun 2019, last revised 12 Jun 2019

Contact author: dingdonghui at ict ac cn

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