Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/601

AuroraLight: Improved prover efficiency and SRS size in a Sonic-like system

Ariel Gabizon

Abstract: Using ideas from the recent Aurora zk-STARK of Ben-Sasson et al. [BCRSVW, Eurocrypt 2019], we present a zk-SNARK with a universal and updatable SRS similar to the recent construction of Maller et al. [MBKM, 2019], called $\mathsf{Sonic}$. Compared to $\mathsf{Sonic}$, our construction achieves significantly better prover run time (less than half) and smaller SRS size (one sixth). However, we only achieve amortized succinct verification time for batches of proofs, either when the proofs are generated in parallel or in [MBKM]'s helper setting, and our proofs are longer than those of [MBKM] (but still contain a $\mathit{constant}$ number of field and group elements).

Category / Keywords: zk-SNARKs, updatable SRS, universal SRS, polynomial commitment schemes

Date: received 29 May 2019, last revised 13 Aug 2019

Contact author: ariel gabizon at gmail com

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