Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/341

MixEth: efficient, trustless coin mixing service for Ethereum

István András Seres and Dániel A. Nagy and Chris Buckland and Péter Burcsi

Abstract: Coin mixing is a prevalent privacy-enhancing technology for cryptocurrency users. In this paper, we present MixEth, which is a trustless coin mixing service for Turing-complete blockchains. MixEth does not rely on a trusted setup and is more efficient than any proposed trustless coin tumbler. It requires only 3 on-chain transactions at most per user and 1 off-chain message. It achieves strong notions of anonymity and is able to resist denial-of-service attacks. Furthermore the underlying protocol can also be used to efficiently shuffle ballots, ciphertexts in a trustless and decentralized manner.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Cryptography, Verifiable shuffle, Anonymity, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Coin mixer, State Channel

Date: received 30 Mar 2019, last revised 1 Apr 2019

Contact author: seresistvanandras at gmail com

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