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Authenticated Key Distribution: When the Coupon Collector is Your Enemy

Marc Beunardeau and Fatima-Ezzahra El Orche and Diana Maimut and David Naccache and Peter B. Roenne and Peter Y.A. Ryan

Abstract: We introduce new authenticated key exchange protocols which on one hand do not resort to standard public key setups with corresponding assumptions of computationally hard problems, but on the other hand are more efficient than distributing symmetric keys among the participants. To this end, we rely on a trusted central authority distributing key material which size is independent of the total number of users, and which allows the users to obtain shared secret keys. We analyze the security of our construction taking into account various attack models. Importantly, only symmetric primitives are needed in the protocol making it an alternative to quantum-safe key exchange protocols which rely on hardness assumptions.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Symmetric cryptography, key exchange protocol, authentication, provable security, post-quantum cryptography.

Original Publication (with minor differences): SECITC 2019

Date: received 31 Dec 2019, last revised 7 Jan 2020

Contact author: maimut diana at gmail com

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