Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/1432

A Generic View on the Unified Zero-Knowledge Protocol and its Applications

Diana Maimut and George Teseleanu

Abstract: We present a generalization of Maurer's unified zero-knowledge (UZK) protocol, namely a unified generic zero-knowledge (UGZK) construction. We prove the security of our UGZK protocol and discuss special cases. Compared to UZK, the new protocol allows to prove knowledge of a vector of secrets instead of only one secret. We also provide the reader with a hash variant of UGZK and the corresponding security analysis. Last but not least, we extend Cogliani \emph{et al.}'s lightweight authentication protocol by describing a new distributed unified authentication scheme suitable for wireless sensor networks and, more generally, the Internet of Things.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / zero knowledge protocols, lightweight authentication, Internet of Things

Original Publication (with minor differences): WISTP 2019

Date: received 9 Dec 2019

Contact author: george teseleanu at yahoo com, maimut diana@gmail com

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