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RedShift: Transparent SNARKs from List Polynomial Commitment IOPs

Assimakis Kattis and Konstantin Panarin and Alexander Vlasov

Abstract: We introduce an efficient transformation from univariate polynomial commitment based zk-SNARKs to their fully transparent counterparts. The transformation is achieved with the help of a new IOP primitive which we call a list polynomial commitment. This primitive is applicable for preprocessing zk-SNARKs over both prime and binary fields. We present the primitive itself along with a soundness analysis of the transformation and instantiate it with an existing universal proof system. We also present benchmarks for a proof of concept implementation alongside a comparison with a non-transparent alternative based on Kate commitments. Our results show competitive efficiency both in terms of proof size and generation times at large security levels.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / polynomial commitments, zero-knowledge proofs, proximity testing, verifiable computation

Date: received 3 Dec 2019, last revised 5 Dec 2019

Contact author: kattis at cs nyu edu, kp at matterlabs dev, av at matterlabs dev

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Note: Length of this paper is quite substantial, so we've moved as much as possible to appendix for ease of reading.

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