Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/1306

A Valid Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem

Taotao li and Dequan li

Abstract: Data, an important asset in digital economy, has fueled the emergence of a new data trading market. Big data market can efficiently promote data trading and further increases the utility of data. However, to realize effective data trading, several challenges needs to be resolved. First, it needs to resolve disputes over data availability in the data trad- ing. Second, atomic exchange and payment fairness between the seller and the buyer are hard to guarantee. Third, data trading platform is the single-point-failure. In this paper, we resolve these challenges by pre- senting a valid blockchain-based data trading ecosystem. The ecosystem constructs a decentralized arbitration mechanism to address the dispute over data availability in data trading. The ecosystem also designs a sale contract and a deterministic public-key encryption algorithm to guaran- tee fairness of data trading between the seller and buyer. The features of blockchain is preventing single-point-failure of data trading platform. We prove the desirable security properties that a secure data trading ecosystem should have. Discussion of the presented ecosystem is given. To demonstrate availability, we implement our proposed data trading ecosystem using smart contract in Solidity and program in Java, and evaluate its performance.

Category / Keywords: applications / datatrading,smartcontract,decentralizedarbitration,blockchain

Date: received 11 Nov 2019, last revised 13 Sep 2021, withdrawn 13 Sep 2021

Contact author: litaotao at iie ac cn

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