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LizarMong: Excellent Key Encapsulation Mechanism based on RLWE and RLWR

Chi-Gon Jung and JongHyeok Lee and Youngjin Ju and Yong-Been Kwon and Seong-Woo Kim and Yunheung Paek

Abstract: The RLWE family algorithms submitted to the NIST post-quantum cryptography standardization process have each merit in terms of security, correctness, performance, and bandwidth. However, there is no splendid algorithm in all respects. Besides, various recent studies have been published that affect security and correctness, such as side-channel attacks and error dependencies. To date, though, no algorithm has fully considered all the aspects. We propose a novel Key Encapsulation Mechanism scheme called LizarMong, which is based on RLizard. LizarMong combines the merit of each algorithm and state-of-the-art studies. As a result, it achieves up to 85% smaller bandwidth and 3.3 times faster performance compared to RLizard. Compared to the NIST's candidate algorithms with a similar security, the bandwidth is about 5-42% smaller, and the performance is about 1.2-4.1 times faster. Also, our scheme resists the known side-channel attacks.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Lattice-based Cryptography, Ring-LWE, Ring-LWR

Original Publication (in the same form): The 22nd Annual International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology

Date: received 7 Nov 2019, last revised 2 Dec 2019

Contact author: cgjung at snu ac kr,n_seeu@kookmin ac kr,jyj9327kr@hanyang ac kr,vexyoung@gmail com

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