Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/1225

Analysis of Nakamoto Consensus, Revisited

Jianyu Niu and Chen Feng and Hoang Dau and Yu-Chih Huang and Jingge Zhu

Abstract: In the Bitcoin white paper, Nakamoto proposed a very simple Byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm that is also known as Nakamoto consensus. Despite its simplicity, some existing analysis of Nakamoto consensus appears to be long and involved. In this technical report, we aim to make such analysis simple and transparent so that we can teach senior undergraduate students and graduate students in our institutions. This report is largely based on a 3-hour tutorial given by one of the authors in June 2019.

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Date: received 17 Oct 2019, last revised 20 Oct 2019

Contact author: Njianyu at gmail com

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