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MicroSCOPE: Enabling Access Control in Searchable Encryption with the use of Attribute-based Encryption and SGX (Extended Version)

Antonis Michalas and Alexandros Bakas and Hai-Van Dang and Alexandr Zalitko

Abstract: Secure cloud storage is considered as one of the most important problems that both businesses and end-users take into account before moving their private data to the cloud. Lately, we have seen some interesting approaches that are based either on the promising concept of Symmetric Searchable Encryption (SSE) or on the well-studied field of Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE). Our construction, MicroSCOPE, combines both ABE and SSE to utilize the advantages that each technique has to offer. We use an SSE scheme to ensure that data stored on the cloud will be protected against both internal and external attacks. Moreover, through the use of a Ciphertext-Policy ABE (CP-ABE) scheme, our construction allows efficient data sharing between multiple data owners and users. Finally, we enhance our construction with an access control mechanism by utilizing the functionality provided by SGX.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Access Control, Attribute-Based Encryption, Cloud Security, Hybrid Encryption, Policies, Storage Protection, Symmetric Searchable Encryption

Original Publication (with minor differences): The 24th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems

Date: received 30 Sep 2019

Contact author: antonios michalas at tuni fi

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