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Marlin: Preprocessing zkSNARKs with Universal and Updatable SRS

Alessandro Chiesa and Yuncong Hu and Mary Maller and Pratyush Mishra and Noah Vesely and Nicholas Ward

Abstract: We present a methodology to construct preprocessing zkSNARKs where the structured reference string (SRS) is universal and updatable. This exploits a novel use of *holography* [Babai et al., STOC 1991], where fast verification is achieved provided the statement being checked is given in encoded form.

We use our methodology to obtain a preprocessing zkSNARK where the SRS has linear size and arguments have constant size. Our construction improves on Sonic [Maller et al., CCS 2019], the prior state of the art in this setting, in all efficiency parameters: proving is an order of magnitude faster and verification is thrice as fast, even with smaller SRS size and argument size. Our construction is most efficient when instantiated in the algebraic group model (also used by Sonic), but we also demonstrate how to realize it under concrete knowledge assumptions. We implement and evaluate our construction.

The core of our preprocessing zkSNARK is an efficient *algebraic holographic proof* (AHP) for rank-1 constraint satisfiability (R1CS) that achieves linear proof length and constant query complexity.

Category / Keywords: foundations / succinct arguments; universal SRS; algebraic holographic proofs; polynomial commitments

Original Publication (with major differences): IACR-EUROCRYPT-2020

Date: received 13 Sep 2019, last revised 27 May 2020

Contact author: alexch at berkeley edu,pratyush@berkeley edu

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Note: The updated version includes further optimizations to both the AHP and the compiler.

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