Paper 2019/103

Quantum cryptanalysis in the RAM model: Claw-finding attacks on SIKE

Samuel Jaques and John M. Schanck


We introduce models of computation that enable direct comparisons between classical and quantum algorithms. Incorporating previous work on quantum computation and error correction, we justify the use of the gate-count and depth-times-width cost metrics for quantum circuits. We demonstrate the relevance of these models to cryptanalysis by revisiting, and increasing, the security estimates for the Supersingular Isogeny Diffie--Hellman (SIDH) and Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation (SIKE) schemes. Our models, analyses, and physical justifications have applications to a number of memory intensive quantum algorithms.

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Published by the IACR in CRYPTO 2019
quantum cryptanalysis
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sam e jaques @ gmail com
jschanck @ uwaterloo ca
2019-06-19: revised
2019-02-05: received
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