Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/072

ZeroCT: Improving ZeroCoin with Confidential Transactions and more

Alex Vazquez

Abstract: The Zerocoin protocol is a set of cryptographic algorithms which embedded in a cryptocurrency provide anonymous swap of tokens in a mathematically provable way by using cryptographic accumulators. Functionally it can be described as a black box where an actor can introduce an arbitrary number of coins, and later withdraw them without leaving evidence of connection between both actions. The withdrawing step admits a destination for the coins different from the original minter, but unconditionally requires a previous mint action and does not accept the transfer of coins without leaving the accumulator, thus exposing the traceability of the coins. We propose an alternative design which for the first time combines the virtues of Zerocoin with those of Confidential Transactions offering fully-featured anonymous transactions between individuals with private amounts.

Category / Keywords: applications / zero knowledge, RSA, discrete logarithm problem, anonymity

Original Publication (in the same form): researchgate

Date: received 21 Jan 2019

Contact author: alex at encrypt-s com

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