Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/018

Generic Constructions of Robustly Reusable Fuzzy Extractor

Yunhua Wen and Shengli Liu and Dawu Gu

Abstract: Robustly reusable Fuzzy Extractor (rrFE) considers reusability and robustness simultaneously. We present two approaches to the generic construction of rrFE. Both of approaches make use of a secure sketch and universal hash functions. The first approach also employs a special pseudo-random function (PRF), namely unique-input key-shift (ui-ks) secure PRF, and the second uses a key-shift secure auxiliary-input authenticated encryption (AIAE). The ui-ks security of PRF (resp. key-shift security of AIAE), together with the homomorphic properties of secure sketch and universal hash function, guarantees the reusability and robustness of rrFE. Meanwhile, we show two instantiations of the two approaches respectively. The first instantiation results in the first rrFE from the LWE assumption, while the second instantiation results in the first rrFE from the DDH assumption over non-pairing groups.

Category / Keywords: foundations /

Original Publication (with minor differences): IACR-PKC-2019

Date: received 7 Jan 2019, last revised 10 Jan 2019

Contact author: happyle8 at sjtu edu cn

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