Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/871

Non-profiled Mask Recovery: the impact of Independent Component Analysis

Si Gao and Elisabeth Oswald and Hua Chen and Wei Xi

Abstract: As one of the most prevalent SCA countermeasures, masking schemes are designed to defeat a broad range of side channel attacks. An attack vector that is suitable for low-order masking schemes is to try and directly determine the mask(s) (for each trace) by utilising the fact that often an attacker has access to several leakage points of the respectively used mask(s). Good examples for implementations of low order masking schemes are the based on table re-computations and also the masking scheme in DPAContest V4.2. We propose a novel approach based on Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to efficiently utilise the information from several leakage points to reconstruct the respective masks (for each trace) and show it is a competitive attack vector in practice.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Side Channel Analysis, Masking, Independent Component Analysis

Original Publication (with minor differences): CARDIS 2018

Date: received 17 Sep 2018

Contact author: si gao at bristol ac uk

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