Paper 2018/835

Fully-Featured Anonymous Credentials with Reputation System

Kai Bemmann, Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz, Henrik Bröcher, Denis Diemert, Fabian Eidens, Lukas Eilers, Jan Haltermann, Jakob Juhnke, Burhan Otour, Laurens Porzenheim, Simon Pukrop, Erik Schilling, Michael Schlichtig, and Marcel Stienemeier


We present $\mathsf{CLARC}$ (Cryptographic Library for Anonymous Reputation and Credentials), an anonymous credentials system (ACS) combined with an anonymous reputation system. Using $\mathsf{CLARC}$, users can receive attribute-based credentials from issuers. They can efficiently prove that their credentials satisfy complex (access) policies in a privacy-preserving way. This implements anonymous access control with complex policies. Furthermore, $\mathsf{CLARC}$ is the first ACS that is combined with an anonymous reputation system where users can anonymously rate services. A user who gets access to a service via a credential, also anonymously receives a review token to rate the service. If a user creates more than a single rating, this can be detected by anyone, preventing users from spamming ratings to sway public opinion. To evaluate feasibility of our construction, we present an open-source prototype implementation.

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Published elsewhere. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security - ARES 2018
Anonymous Credential SystemAuthenticationPrivacyProofs of Partial KnowledgeReputation SystemRevocation
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feidens @ mail uni-paderborn de
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