Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/785

Efficiently Processing Complex-Valued Data in Homomorphic Encryption

Carl Bootland and Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren

Abstract: We introduce a new homomorphic encryption scheme that is natively capable of computing with complex numbers. This is done by generalizing recent work of Chen, Laine, Player and Xia, who modified the Fan-Vercauteren scheme by replacing the integral plaintext modulus $t$ by a linear polynomial $X - b$. Our generalization studies plaintext moduli of the form $X^m + b$. Our construction significantly reduces the noise growth in comparison to the original FV scheme, so much deeper arithmetic circuits can be homomorphically executed.

Category / Keywords: homomorphic encryption, encoding

Original Publication (with major differences): MathCrypt 2018

Date: received 27 Aug 2018, last revised 23 Oct 2019

Contact author: wouter castryck at esat kuleuven be

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