Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/771

A Simple Construction of iO for Turing Machines

Sanjam Garg and Akshayaram Srinivasan

Abstract: We give a simple construction of indistinguishability obfus- cation for Turing machines where the time to obfuscate grows only with the description size of the machine and otherwise, independent of the running time and the space used. While this result is already known [Koppula, Lewko, and Waters, STOC 2015] from iO for circuits and injective pseudorandom generators, our construction and its analysis are conceptually much simpler. In particular, the main technical com- ponent in the proof of our construction is a simple combinatorial peb- bling argument [Garg and Srinivasan, EUROCRYPT 2018]. Our con- struction makes use of indistinguishability obfuscation for circuits and somewhere statistically binding hash functions.

Category / Keywords: foundations /

Original Publication (with minor differences): IACR-TCC-2018

Date: received 23 Aug 2018, last revised 28 Sep 2018

Contact author: akshayaram at berkeley edu

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