Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/614

A Note on Key Rank

Daniel P. Martin and Marco Martinoli

Abstract: In recent years key rank has become an important aspect of side-channel analysis, enabling an evaluation lab to analyse the security of a device after a side-channel attack. In particular, it enables the lab to do so when the enumeration effort would be beyond their computing power. Due to its importance there has been a host of work investigating key rank over the last few years. In this work we build upon the existing literature to make progress on understanding various properties of key rank. We begin by showing when two different "scoring methods" will provide the same rank. This has been implicitly used by various algorithms in the past but here it is shown for a large class of functions. We conclude by giving the computational complexity of key rank. This implies that it is unlikely for, considerably, better algorithms to exist.

Category / Keywords: Side-channel Attacks, Key Rank, Scoring Methods

Date: received 17 Jun 2018, last revised 30 Nov 2018

Contact author: dan martin at bristol ac uk

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