Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/591

4-bit crypto S-boxes: Generation with irreducible polynomials over Galois field GF(24) and cryptanalysis.

Sankhanil Dey and Ranjan Ghosh

Abstract: 4-bit crypto S-boxes play a significant role in encryption and decryption of many cipher algorithms from last 4 decades. Generation and cryptanalysis of generated 4-bit crypto S-boxes is one of the major concerns of modern cryptography till now. In this paper 48, 4-bit crypto S-boxes are generated with addition of all possible additive constants to the each element of crypto S-box of corresponding multiplicative inverses of all elemental polynomials (EPs) under the concerned irreducible polynomials (IPs) over Galois field GF(2^4). Cryptanalysis of 48 generated 4-bit crypto S-boxes is done with all relevant cryptanalysis algorithms of 4-bit crypto S-boxes. The result shows the better security of generated 4-bit crypto S-boxes.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography /

Date: received 8 Jun 2018

Contact author: sdrpe_rs at caluniv ac in

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Note: This is an original work and a very elegant work to generate 4 bit crypto S-boxes.

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