Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/512

Provably Secure Integration Cryptosystem on Non-Commutative Group

Weiqing You and Xiaoming Chen

Abstract: Braid group is a very important non-commutative group. It is also an important tool of quantum field theory, and has good topological properties. This paper focuses on the provable security research of cryptosystem over braid group, which consists of two aspects: One, we prove that the Ko's cryptosystem based on braid group is secure against chosen-plaintext-attack which proposed in CRYPTO 2000, while it dose not resist active attack. The other is to propose a new public key cryptosystem over braid group which is secure against adaptive chosen-ciphertext-attack. Our proofs are based on random oracle models, under the computational conjugacy search assumption. This kind of results have never been seen before.

Category / Keywords: Braid group, Public key cryptosystem, CPA, CCA2, Conjugacy, non-commutative group

Date: received 25 May 2018, last revised 6 Jul 2018

Contact author: 894572560 at qq com

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