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A Black-Box Construction of Fully-Simulatable, Round-Optimal Oblivious Transfer from Strongly Uniform Key Agreement

Daniele Friolo and Daniel Masny and Daniele Venturi

Abstract: We show how to construct maliciously secure oblivious transfer (M-OT) from a strengthening of key agreement (KA) which we call *strongly uniform* KA (SU-KA), where the latter roughly means that the messages sent by one party are computationally close to uniform, even if the other party is malicious. Our transformation is black-box, almost round preserving (adding only a constant overhead of up to two rounds), and achieves standard simulation-based security in the plain model.

As we show, 2-round SU-KA can be realized from cryptographic assumptions such as low-noise LPN, high-noise LWE, Subset Sum, DDH, CDH and RSA---all with polynomial hardness---thus yielding a black-box construction of fully-simulatable, round-optimal, M-OT from the same set of assumptions (some of which were not known before).

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / MPC, maliciously secure OT, LPN, LWE, DDH, CDH, RSA, black-box, plain model, round optimal

Original Publication (with major differences): IACR-TCC-2019

Date: received 17 May 2018, last revised 24 Sep 2019

Contact author: friolo at di uniroma1 it, dmasny at visa com, venturi at di uniroma1 it

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