Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/446

A voting scheme with post-quantum security based on physical laws

Hua Dong and Li Yang

Abstract: Traditional cryptography is under huge threat along of the evolution of quantum information and computing. In this paper, we propose a new post-quantum voting scheme based on physical laws by using encrypted no-key protocol to transmit message in the channel, which ensures the post-quantum security. Unlike lattice-based and multivariate-based electronic voting schemes, whose security is based on the computational problems assumption that has not been solved by effective quantum algorithms until now, the security of the voting scheme based on the physical laws is depended on inherent limitations of quantum computers and not influenced by the evolution of new quantum algorithms. In detail, we also rigorously demonstrate that the scheme achieves the post-quantum security and all properties necessary for voting scheme such as the completeness, robustness, privacy, eligibility, unreusability, fairness, and verifiability.

Category / Keywords: voting scheme, no-key protocol, post-quantum security

Date: received 3 May 2018, last revised 16 May 2018

Contact author: yangli at iie ac cn

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