Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/277

Approximate and Probabilistic Differential Privacy Definitions

Sebastian Meiser

Abstract: This technical report discusses three subtleties related to the widely used notion of differential privacy (DP). First, we discuss how the choice of a distinguisher influences the privacy notion and why we should always have a distinguisher if we consider approximate DP. Secondly, we draw a line between the very intuitive probabilistic differential privacy (with probability $1-\delta$ we have $\varepsilon$-DP) and the commonly used approximate differential privacy ($(\varepsilon,\delta)$-DP). Finally we see that and why probabilistic differential privacy (and similar notions) are not complete under post-processing, which has significant implications for notions used in the literature.

Category / Keywords: foundations / differential privacy,foundations

Date: received 19 Mar 2018, last revised 1 Nov 2018

Contact author: s meiser at ucl ac uk

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Note: Added important citation to Kifer et al.

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