Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/175

Scalable Key Rank Estimation (and Key Enumeration) Algorithm for Large Keys

Vincent Grosso

Abstract: Evaluation of security margins after a side-channel attack is an important step of side-channel resistance evaluation. The security margin indicates the brute force effort needed to recover the key given the leakages. In the recent years, several solutions for key rank estimation algorithms have been proposed. All these solutions give an interesting trade-off between the tightness of the result and the time complexity for symmetric key. Unfortunately, none of them has a linear complexity in the number of subkeys, hence these solutions are slow for large (asymmetric) keys. In this paper, we present a solution to obtain a key rank estimation algorithm with a reasonable trade-off between the efficiency and the tightness that is suitable for large keys. Moreover, by applying backtracking we obtain a parallel key enumeration algorithm.

Category / Keywords: Side-channel analysis ,Evaluation,Security assessment

Date: received 12 Feb 2018

Contact author: v grosso at cs ru nl

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