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Senopra: Reconciling Data Privacy and Utility via Attested Smart Contract Execution

Dat Le Tien and Frank Eliassen

Abstract: The abundance of smart devices and sensors has given rise to an unprecedented large-scale data collection. While this benefits various data-driven application domains, it raises numerous security and privacy concerns. In particular, recent high-profile data breach incidents demonstrate security dangers and single point vulnerability of multiple systems. Moreover, even if the data is properly protected at rest (i.e., during storage), data confidentiality may still be compromised once it is fed as input to computations. In this paper, we introduce Senopra, a privacy-preserving data management framework that leverages trusted execution environment and confidentiality-preserving smart contract system to empower data owners with absolute control over their data. More specifically, the data owners can specify fine-grained access policies governing how their captured data is accessed. The access policies are then enforced by a policy agent that operates in an autonomous and confidentiality-preserving manner. To attain scalability and efficiency, Senopra exploits Key Aggregation Cryptosystem (KAC) for key management, and incorporates an optimisation that significantly improves KAC's key reconstruction cost. Our experimental study shows that Senopra can support privacy- preserving data management at scale with low latency.

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Date: received 23 Dec 2018, last revised 31 Dec 2018

Contact author: hungdang at comp nus edu sg

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