Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/1152

Blockchain-based P2P File Sharing Incentive

Qingzhao Zhang and Yijun Leng and Lei Fan

Abstract: P2P file sharing systems require proper incentive mechanisms to encourage active data sharing. However, traditional incentives based on reputation, credit or tit-for-tat are still challenged by free riding and whitewashing. We explore solutions based on blockchain, which is the new emerged decentralized trustful public ledger, and propose a blockchain-based file sharing incentive mechanism leveraged by cryptocurrency and smart contracts. In the proposed scheme, a file is sliced into pieces. A user who downloads data will request pieces with randomized order and directly pay for each piece. With the analysis in game theoretic models, rational players intend to cooperate in the procedure. We also evaluate the approach with simulations and experiments.

We envision that our solution is not only promising for P2P file sharing but also a stepping stone for general data sharing applications over the public blockchain.

Category / Keywords: applications / blockchain

Date: received 26 Nov 2018

Contact author: fszqz001 at sjtu edu cn

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